Michelle Rasulis

Software Engineer Lead, Engineering Systems


(734) 763-0588


University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Room 205, 2901 Baxter Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48109

fax (734) 647-3330




Research Interests

At UMTRI, Ms. Rasulis has primarily been involved in programming the Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) used to gather naturalistic driving data for large-scale field operational tests of safety systems on heavy trucks, motorcycles and passenger car fleets. Ms. Rasulis also programs smaller DASes using microcontrollers to gather riding data on bicycles.  In addition, she has been responsible for the loading of the data from all the DAS projects plus other data sources, including over the air, cloud data and data from servers outside the University. Her efforts also include managing the 15+ servers that provide file storage, database access and data backup. Recently, much of Ms. Rasulis’ work has focused on the development of data acquisition systems for automated vehicle research and assessment.

Key Projects

IVBSS, Safety Pilot Model Deployment, Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment, Eaton Fuel Study, CAMP-CACC simulation system, CAMP-TOSCo simulation system, FordDSM, Denso Lighting Study, Radar Congestion, GM Super Cruise, Connected and Automated Vehicle Department of Energy Study and the AAA Long Road Study.  


Mt. Pleasant, MI

Personal Interests/Hobbies

Ice Hockey and Gardening