Carl Miller

Lead Engineer in Research, Biosciences



University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, 2901 Baxter Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48109


Research Interests

Mr. Miller has sixteen years of experience in the field of impact biomechanics and occupant protection. He has conducted experiments to evaluate the effects of posture on knee injury tolerance, has participated in research to determine the effects of mass coupling on the transmission of force along the knee thigh hip complex, in the evaluation of the interactions of children and small occupants with inflatable seat belts, and the characterization of thoracic and abdominal response resulting from vehicle-to-occupant contact. Current research projects include studying human injury tolerance and response to short-duration vertical acceleration and occupant kinematics in reclined automotive postures. Mr. Miller also has extensive experience developing instrumentation for use in laboratory and in-vehicle experiments. He has worked to develop experimental systems to enable the characterization of occupant’s kinematic and physiological response in passenger vehicles. His efforts include the development of an in-vehicle data acquisition system to monitor vehicle and occupant kinematics to quantify passenger susceptibility to motion sickness, a multicamera system used to track passenger head kinematics during emergency braking maneuvers, and a LIDAR and machine vision-based system to evaluate the quality and degradation of lane markers.