In 1970, five years after the Highway Safety Research Institute (HSRI) was founded, it began publishing a quarterly report, the Highway Institute for Transportation Lab Reports.  The 1980’s brought a name change for both the institute and the report.  The UMTRI Research Review continued as a quarterly, print publication until 2014 when it moved to an electronic format.  The latest edition of the Research Review is found here, as well as archived editions. 

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UMTRI Research Review – December 2023

UMTRI Research Review – June 2023

UMTRI Research Review – April 2023

UMTRI Research Review – January 2023

Archived Issues

Research Review, October-December 2016,  Volume 47, Number 4 

Research Review, July – September 2016, Volume 47, Number 3

Research Review, April – June 2016, Volume 47, Number 2 

Research Review,  January – March 2016, Volume 47, Number 1

Research Review, October – December, 2015, Volume 46, Number 4

Research Review, July – September, 2015, Volume 46, Number 3

Research Review, April – June, 2015, Volume 46, Number 2

Research Review, January – March, 2015, Volume 46, Number 1

To find more issues of the UMTRI Research Review, or archived issues of the HIT Report, please access University of Michigan Library System, Deep Blue.