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60 years of Research excellence in transportation safety, equity and efficiency

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At UMTRI we are focused on multidisciplinary research to advance safe, equitable, and efficient transportation and mobility.


Founded in 1965, UMTRI has remained focused on multi-disciplinary research.

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The latest issue of the UMTRI Research Review as well as other news and information and access to our scholarly publications.

For nearly 60 years UMTRI has been a global leader in safe, equitable and efficient transportation research innovation. Together with our partners across academia and our sponsors in government and industry we remain at the forefront of research innovation and have helped shape the evolution of a global transportation and mobility system.  

UMTRI experts focus on large scale data collection, driver behavior, human factors, engineering systems, injury and biomechanics, and are committed to data-driven changes in legislation that will ensure all individuals experience safe, equitable and efficient transportation and mobility options. 

UMTRI’s faculty and staff include full-time researchers, technical and administrative personnel, teaching faculty affiliated with university academic departments, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. UMTRI research scientists collaborate with many academic, government and industry partners to accomplish interdisciplinary research, generating new knowledge and providing students with experiential learning opportunities.

Our experts are described as pioneers, catalysts, and innovators.

Our work is described as groundbreaking, revolutionary, and lifesaving.