Engineering Systems

Pedestrian's distance on a sidewalk from a vehicle
Connected and automated vehicles.

The Engineering Systems Group of UMTRI (ESG)  are research leaders in the areas of connected and automated vehicles, driver assistance systems, traffic control and modeling,  cybersecurity of vehicles and infrastructure, vehicle-road interaction, road roughness profiling, and heavy vehicle suspensions and dynamics.  ESG is also home to UMTRI’s naturalistic driving databases, data acquisition systems and other experimental systems, and several labs.  ESG derives from one of the original groups in the 1960s and has evolved as research has moved from vehicle dynamics to control systems, from single vehicle concerns to cooperative systems involving many vehicles and traffic infrastructure,, and from hardware-centric to computer networks and systems-based development and evaluation.  The group collaborates widely within UMTRI, as well as with other University of Michigan units and researchers, and beyond into national and international partnerships.  Our sponsors in the past few years include NHTSA, FHWA, US DOE, US DHS, NIST, U.S. Army, GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, FCA, Hyundai-Kia, CAMP, and more. 

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