Renée M. St. Louis

Assistant Research Scientist



2901 Baxter Rd. Rm 121


(734) 763-6185

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Research Interests

Dr. St. Louis has managed a variety of research projects aimed at enhancing safe mobility throughout the lifespan, with numerous projects addressing transportation issues related to the aging driver population. She has extensive experience in the development and implementation of protocol for conducting both laboratory and field data collection research with participants of varying ages and levels of physical and cognitive ability. These studies have involved obtaining and analyzing various forms of qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys, focus groups, structured interviews, and simulator and naturalistic driving data. She is coauthor of several publications addressing safe mobility for vulnerable road users, including a book on older adult mobility titled Perspectives and Strategies for Promoting Safe Transportation Among Older Adults. In addition to her role at UMTRI, Dr. St. Louis is also a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor and volunteers with Safe Kids Huron Valley to provide car seat education within the community. Her research interests include program and policy evaluation, driver and passenger safety and mobility throughout the lifespan, psychosocial factors that influence driving behavior, and occupant protection issues.



Additional Information

Dr. St. Louis Website

ORCID: 0000-0002-4751-2420