UMTRI’s funding comes entirely from contracts with sponsors in government, industry, and the nonprofit sector. You will find that initiating contracts or developing less formal partnerships with UMTRI is a straightforward and uncomplicated process.

Once you have identified the area of expertise that is of interest to you, you can easily identify a primary researcher or administrator in that area, with whom you can begin a dialogue through phone or email.


UMTRI is in the business of providing solutions and expanding knowledge related to drivers, vehicles, and the systems that unite them with the social and technical infrastructure. We accomplish this through basic and applied research performed under contract with a variety of sponsors in government, industry, and the nonprofit sector. Those contracts may result from sole-source discussions or competitive bids.

Full details of the process of initiating and carrying out a contract with UMTRI can be found at the website of U-M’s Office of the Vice President for Research, the office charged with overseeing UMTRI’s research activities.


UMTRI researchers can perform small-scale testing or analysis projects, for which a purchase order, as opposed to a research contract, provides the terms of payment. Examples of this type of service include vehicle-parameter measurement, restraint-system testing, or basic runs on crash datasets.