Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

UMTRI is committed to building a more inclusive and supportive environment that will welcome people of all identities. We are striving to ensuring our environment is one that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion for everyone. We maintain a list of resources to improve DEI at DEI.umtri.umich.edu.

There are many ways to make your voice heard. Contact one of the designated people listed below to share your questions, concerns, or suggestions. Remember that people who serve as supervisors are required to report instances of harassment or other forms of misconduct to the Office for Institutional Equity. However, you can refuse further investigation of the issue when the OIE follows up.

To speak with a confidential resource outside the department who does not have reporting obligations, please contact the University Ombuds at 734-763–3545, Staff Ombuds Office at 734-936-0600, or the Office of Faculty Ombuds at 734-763-2707. 

Thank you for helping strengthen our community!

for more information about dei lecture Series at michigan engineering

Through the DEI lecture series, thought leaders present data, perspective and context to issues surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion in academia and beyond.

for more information about dEI at U-M

The Office of the Provost maintains a calendar of religious holidays along with guidance to students regarding conflicts between the University academic calendar and religious observances

Contacts: UMTRI Administration & DEI Committee Members

Jim Sayer,
Director jimsayer@Umich.edu
Emily Hamilton,
Business Director, knaggs@umich.edu
Tracey Branam,
HR Coordinator and DEI Committee Member, tlbranham@umich.edu
David W. Eby
David Eby,
Associate Director, eby@umich.edu
Jingwen Hu
Jingwen Hu,
Associate Director, jwhu@umich.edu
Kathleen Klinich,
DEI Lead and DEI Committee Chair, kklinich@umich.edu
Paul Green, DEI Committee Member, pagreen@umich.edu
Patrick Bowman
Patrick Bowman, DEI Committee Member, bowmanp@umich.edu
Daniel Park, DEI Commitee Member, keonpark@umich.edu
Steve Karamihas,
DEI Commitee Member, stevemk@umich.edu

U-M Guidelines for Conduct

Standard Practice Guide
Official repository for the institution-wide policies and procedures of the University of Michigan, maintained to guide and direct the university community.

Standard Practice Guide Policies – Sexual Harassment
U-M definition and policy regarding sexual harassment.

Standard Practice Guide Policies – Discrimination & Harassment
U-M definition and policy regarding discrimination and harassment.

Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
U-M policy & procedures on student sexual & gender-based misconduct & other forms of interpersonal violence.