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Lisa J. Molnar

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Dr. Lisa J. Molnar is an associate research scientist in UMTRIs Behavorial Sciences Group. She is also currently serving as an Associate Director of UMTRI.  She joined UMTRI in 1986, and her primary areas of interest are traffic safety and driver behavior. Dr. Molnar has worked on a variety of projects focusing on adolescent driving behavior; older driver safety and mobility; development and evaluation of traffic safety laws, policies, and programs; prevention of alcohol-impaired driving; and use and misuse of safety belts and child safety seats.

Dr. Molnar has an extensive background in health-related planning and considerable experience in survey research, including the development, implementation, and analysis of direct observation surveys, written questionnaires, telephone interviews, and face-to-face individual and group interviews. She is also skilled in the analysis of motor vehicle crash and driver history records.

Dr. Molnar has authored more than 100 scientific articles, technical reports, and book chapters, and serves as the co-convener of the Gerontological Society of America's Transportation and Aging Formal Interest Group. She is also the associate director of the Center for Advancing Transportation Leadership and Safety (ATLAS Center). Dr. Molnar holds a BA in Sociology from Michigan State University, a Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) in Public Health Policy and Administration from the University of Michigan, and a PhD from Monash University, Autralia, with a focus in road safety.

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