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Brian Lin

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Brian Tsang-Wei Lin is an assistant research scientist in UMTRI’s Human Factors Group. He earned his BS, MS, and PhD in Industrial Engineering from National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan. Dr. Lin’s current research is focused on data mining and machine learning using naturalistic driving data for modeling driver behavior and performance, and on autonomous vehicle interface and prototype evaluation. His most recent work includes drivers’ lane-change maneuver modeling and assessment, drivers’ behavior adaptation with connected vehicle technologies, drivers’ decision-making at intersections, and passenger’s motion discomfort in moving vehicles.

Since joining UMTRI in 2010, Dr. Lin has conducted more than 15 human factors experiments to evaluate automotive system prototypes, including automated braking, lane departure, lane change assist, driver-state monitoring, collision warning, electronic head units, and multimedia interfaces for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers on safety, efficiency, and legality. He is familiar with various human factors evaluation methods for user experience and human-machine interaction studies. He also serves as a peer reviewer for Applied Ergonomics, Behavior Research Methods, The Design Journal, and International Journal of Vehicle Design.