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A growing urban population makes transportation in and around the world’s largest cities more important than ever. SMART, a university-wide initiative, works with local, regional, and international partners to promote sustainable, urban mobility. SMART champions innovative transportation approaches that can be combined to provide users with a seamless system of urban mobility that is environmentally safe, efficient, and connected. Modes of transportation might include commuter rail lines and buses, car-sharing programs, bicycles, pedestrian walkways, and other alternatives to individual vehicles. SMART emphasizes the concept of accessibility, or meeting people’s needs through a combination of mobility, proximity (bringing destinations closer to one another), and remote connectivity (using technology to obtain services) as a way to reduce unnecessary travel.

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Featured Publications

Connecting and transforming the future of transportation a brief and practical primer for implementing sustainable door-to-door transportation systems in communities and regions world-wide.
Susan Zielinski


Recognizing that no single solution will save the day for transportation in this rapidly urbanizing...