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UMTRI Researcher Wins SAE Award

April 30, 2007

Chris Winkler has received the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) Technical Standards Outstanding Contribution Award for his work on SAE's Vehicle Dynamics Standards Committee.

The Technical Standards Outstanding Contribution Award recognizes outstanding service on technical committees, such as valuable contributions, unusual leadership, significant contributions to the accomplishments of other organizations, and outstanding contributions in the form of research, test methods and procedures, and/or development of standards.

Chris Winkler, research scientist emeritus, has been involved in the management and conduct of research concerned with the measurement, analysis, and prediction of the behavior of motor vehicles and their components for over thirty years. He retired from his full-time position as a research scientist in the Engineering Research Division at the end of 2006, but is still active in the field.

Chris is currently completing a three-month assignment as a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge in England. There, he has hosted a meeting of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) working group TC22/SC9/WG6, which handles heavy-vehicle dynamics. He also taught a four-day course on heavy vehicle dynamics at Queens College-Cambridge with colleagues Bob Ervin (UMTRI emeritus) and Dick Radlinski (NHTSA emeritus). This course is a version of the University of Michigan short course, Mechanics of Heavy-Duty Truck Systems, which is offered each summer through U-M's Center for Professional Development.