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UMTRI Research Review: Improving commercial vehicle safety

June 16, 2010

The latest issue of UMTRI Research Review is now available. Newsletter highlights include the following:

Improving Commercial Vehicle Safety
UMTRI researchers are playing a key role in a new, nationwide safety system to improve large-truck and bus safety. Assistant research scientist Paul E. Green and associate research scientist Daniel Blower describe their work in evaluating CSA 2010.

Texting Ban a Wake-up Call for Drivers
A new ban on texting while driving in Michigan makes it a primary offense to send, type, or read text messages or e-mails while driving starting July 1. The legislation is a significant step in the right direction, according to Paul A. Green, research professor in UMTRI's Driver Interface Group.

3-D Images Enhance Safety Research
A whole-body laser scanner, purchased as part of a cooperative agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, now complements UMTRI's state-of-the-art safety research equipment. Research associate professor Matthew Reed explains how the Biosciences Group will use the scanner.

Reorganization Aligns UMTRI with New Opportunities
As part of its strategic planning, UMTRI has transitioned to a new organizational structure that replaces research divisions with a more flexible arrangement of groups and initiatives. UMTRI director Peter Sweatman discusses the change.

Also in this issue are highlights from the 2010 M-CASTL Transportation Research and Education Conference, details of an upcoming student trip to South Africa, recent UMTRI publications, and upcoming events.

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