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UMTRI report analyzes global transition to alternative powertrains

September 13, 2010

Changes taking place in the global automotive industry related to alternative powertrains and fuels are affecting each country and region differently. A new UMTRI report, Alternative Powertrain Strategies and Fleet Turnover in the 21st Century, analyzes the time it will take for selected countries to transition their current fleet of gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles to those that employ alternative powertrain technologies.

Written by assistant research scientist Bruce M. Belzowski and economist Walter McManus, the report reviews the regulatory and technology trends related to fuel economy and emissions for four developed economies (United States, Western Europe, Japan, and South Korea) and four developing economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) in order to measure the impact of increasing the number of alternative powertrains and fuels in their fleets.

The report examines three possible scenarios for each country based on less aggressive, moderately aggressive, and very aggressive introduction of alternative powertrain technologies into fleets from 2010 to 2050.

The research was supported by Sustainable Worldwide Transportation.

Read the full report.