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UMTRI highlights from 93rd annual TRB meeting

January 23, 2014

A number of UMTRI researchers joined transportation professionals from around the world in Washington, D.C., recently at the 93rd annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB).

The theme for the 2014 TRB meeting was Celebrating Our Legacy, Anticipating Our Future. More than thirty sessions and workshops focused on this theme with others devoted to such critical transportation issues as performance measurement, automated driving and connected vehicles, extreme weather events, and big data.

UMTRI highlights included the following:

In the TRB Transportation Data Competition workshop, an UMTRI team won the 2014 Best Researcher-Led Paper. UMTRI team members included research fellow Huimin Xiong, statistician Prabha Narayanaswamy, assistant research scientist Shan Bao, and associate research scientist Carol Flannagan. The competition required researchers to “identify differences in driver behavior in a dilemma zone while distracted.”

Many other UMTRI researchers participated in sessions and workshops as presenters and coauthors on scientific papers including the following:

Session: Citywide Sustainability Policy Development, Practice, and Evaluation: International Perspective
“Challenges of and Opportunities for Developing Sustainable Transportation Systems in Beijing”
Susan Zielinski, managing director, SMART

Session: Crash Severity Analysis
“Sampling Serious Injuries in Traffic Crashes at the State Level”
Associate research scientist Carol Flannagan, Michael Elliott, University of Michigan; Clay Mann, University of Utah; UMTRI research associate professor Jonathon Rupp

Session: Naturalistic Driving Data and Driver Behavior
“Factors Affecting Drivers’ Decisions to Use a Cell Phone: Implications from Naturalistic Study”
Researcher fellow Huimin Xiong; assistant research scientist Shan Bao; research professor James R. Sayer

Session: Predictors of Teenage Driving Risk
“Psychosocial Characteristics of Young Drivers and Their Association with Crash Risk: A Review”
Research professor C. Raymond Bingham; assistant research scientist Lisa Buckley; assistant research scientist Anuj Pradhan; research professor emerita Jean T. Shope.

Session: Standardization of Measurement of Driving Performance
“Society of Automotive Engineers Recommended Practice J2944: Operational Definitions of Driving Performance Measures and Statistics”
 “Implementation and Dissemination of Recommended Practice”
Research professor Paul A. Green

Session: Statistical Challenges in the Analysis of Naturalistic Driving Data
“Challenges in Analysis of Naturalistic Driving Data to Understand Safety”
Associate research scientist Carol Flannagan

Session: Truck and Bus Safety
“Truck and Bus Safety: Key Research Past, Present, and Future,” associate research scientist Daniel Blower.

The TRB Annual Meeting program covers all transportation modes, with more than 4,500 presentations in nearly 800 sessions and workshops.