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April 25, 2007

UMTRI's External Advisory Board meets on April 30

UMTRI's External Advisory Board (EAB)—which consists of about thirty members who represent business, industry, government, and academia—will meet on April 30 to exchange ideas and discuss current and future topics in transportation.

EAB members play a key role in advising UMTRI and the University on transportation issues and research priorities, as well as assisting UMTRI in maintaining leading-edge research capabilities that will serve emerging research challenges. They provide guidance on high-level transportation issues and a context for UMTRIメs future direction and development.

The EAB held it inaugural meeting in June, 2005. Since that time, members of the board have provided input on UMTRIメs research programs, organizational structure, sponsorship opportunities, strategic plan, and mission statement. Workshop groups were also created to address specific research areas such as driver interface with vehicle-infrastructure integration, SAFETEA-LU research opportunities, energy and environmental research, and various areas within safety research.