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U-M Eco-Driving Index tracks environmental impact of new vehicles

July 13, 2011

A new national index by the University of Michigan shows that emissions of greenhouse gases per driver of newly purchased vehicles are down fourteen percent since late 2007. UMTRI researchers developed the index as part of Sustainable Worldwide Transportation.

The U-M Eco-Driving Index estimates the average monthly amount of greenhouse gases produced by an individual U.S. driver who purchased a new vehicle that month.

The EDI for June 2011, which is the latest month for which data is available, stands at 0.86, compared to the baseline 1.0 in October 2007, the nominal start of the 2008 model year and the first for which the Environmental Protection Agency started using the current fuel-economy rating system.

"The amount of greenhouse gases emitted when using internal-combustion engines depends on the amount of fuel used," said UMTRI research professor Michael Sivak. "The EDI estimates the amount of fuel used (and thus the amount of greenhouse gases emitted) by taking into account two primary variables--the fuel economy of the vehicle and the distance driven."

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