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Truck Talk: Hicks to discuss higher efficiency commercial vehicles

June 20, 2012

Recently mandated fuel economy and emissions standards for commercial trucks and buses are accelerating technology development aimed at improving vehicle efficiency. Brad Hicks of Meritor, Inc. will discuss the technical challenges and opportunities involved in achieving higher efficiency commercial vehicles in a presentation at UMTRI on Wednesday, June 27, from noon to 1 p.m. in the McCormick conference room.

The discussion will briefly summarize the new expectations imposed on the commercial vehicle industry, explore technology development enablers such as the DOE-sponsored SuperTruck program, and review specific opportunities in the vehicle drivetrain to achieve future performance expectations. Two key areas of focus are development of higher efficiency drivetrain systems that reduce parasitic losses, and opportunities for hybridization in the heavy duty Class 8 vehicle market.

As executive engineer in Government Technical Affairs for Meritor Inc., Hicks is responsible for leading the company's government technical activities. Primary activities include coordination with government agencies and laboratories on drivetrain technology developments, as well as interface with regulatory authorities.

Hicks' presentation is sponsored by UMTRI's Commercial Vehicle Research and Policy initiative.