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Truck Conference June 15-17, 2009

June 1, 2009

Legislators and transportation policy experts around the world are challenged by rising energy costs, an increasing freight demand, and growing concerns regarding greenhouse gas emissions. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is conducting an international study of highway freight transportation safety, efficiency, and policy with a view to sustainability. The preliminary findings of this study will be discussed at the conference together with the most recent domestic and international highway freight research results with a view to building policy options that support a vibrant economy while protecting environmental and public interests.Join us June 15-17 for the International Conference on Efficient, Safe, and Sustainable Truck Transportation Systems for the Future: Building the Policy Options Roadmap.

The three-day conference will bring together leading highway freight transportation policy and technical experts, shippers, transportation company officials, manufacturers, suppliers and academics from around the world to review and synthesize the existing, and ongoing body of work into options that can substantively inform the discussions of policy makers as they seek to balance economic productivity, the environment, safety, and infrastructure preservation.

The conference is cosponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, Con-way Freight, and UMTRI. John Woodroffe, head of UMTRI's Transportation Safety Analysis Division, serves as conference chair.

The event will take place on the U-M campus in the Ballroom of the Michigan League. Topics covered include:

  • Opening plenary sessions on the extent and future direction of both domestic and international freight transportation in the U.S.; benchmarking U.S. international competitiveness relative to other regions around the world; challenges to using and expanding U.S. infrastructure assets to support freight movement, and; the highway freight industry's response to the imperatives of energy security, climate change, and safety.
  • Executive sessions featuring speakers from around the world, who will present the key findings of research completed over the past 25 years, including an update and comparison with the OECD/ITF international benchmarking of heavy truck productivity and safety.
  • Technical sessions on: advances in technologies and operational practices that reduce petroleum use and criteria pollutant emissions; advances in heavy truck safety technologies and safety-related operational practices; performance based standards and innovations in operational compliance, and; interaction of productive vehicles with the infrastructure and traffic.
  • Closing sessions in which attendees will synthesize the Conference discussions into options for consideration by policy makers as they seek to balance economic productivity, the environment, safety, and infrastructure preservation.

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