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Toyota Tundra Donation

January 19, 2009

Toyota donates Tundra pickup truck to UMTRIToyota generously donated a 2008 Toyota Tundra pickup truck to UMTRI on January 20. The brand new vehicle comes with a towing package, four-wheel drive, and that special new-car smell.

Chuck Gulash (left), senior executive engineer at the Toyota Technical Center, arranged the donation through Toyota Motor Corporation. UMTRI director Peter Sweatman (right) accepted the pickup on behalf of UMTRI.

The Tundra is not associated with a specific study, but will be a general-use vehicle for UMTRI staff members to haul experimental equipment to test tracks and pick up materials and supplies, among other everyday uses.

Sweatman (left) and Gulash (right) take turns behind the wheel of the Toyota Tundra.