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Toyota and UMTRI launch teen driver distraction study

September 12, 2012

Toyota and UMTRI have teamed up to conduct a major new study of 5,600 teen drivers and their parents. Toyota announced the study at a Safety Research Forum in Washington, D.C. on September 12. Results of the Teen Driver Distraction Study commissioned by the Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) in July 2012 will be released incrementally as data is analyzed.

This scientific study is based on a national telephone survey of newly licensed drivers between ages 16 to 18 and parents of drivers in the same age group. A portion of the sample is comprised of teens and parents from the same household, one of the first studies to examine teen and parent driving behaviors in the same family.

The study will examine teen attitudes toward frequently discussed risks, such as texting and driving, to help identify effective recommendations to keep teen drivers safe. It will also look at a range of risk factors that receive less attention but sometimes pose even greater threats to young drivers. In addition, the study will examine the role that parents, peer behavior and cognitive development play in driving behaviors and will also explore the impact of any gaps between parent expectations about teen driving and the reality of what teens report they do behind the wheel.

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