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Stapp Conference

September 6, 2007

Stapp Car Crash Conference takes place October 29-31

The fifty-first Stapp Conference will be held on October 29-31 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego, California. Technical presentation topics will include restraint system performance, advanced dummy design, head and brain injury, spinal injury, thoracic and abdominal injury, upper and lower limb injury, and modeling techniques. Several UMTRI staff members will attend and present at the conference.

The thirty-fifth NHTSA-sponsored International Workshop on Human Subjects for Biomechanical Research will be held on Sunday, October 28, preceding the Stapp Conference. Registration for the workshop is included in the Stapp Conference registration form; no additional registration fee is required.

The Stapp Car Crash Conference is the premier forum for presentation of research in impact biomechanics, human injury tolerance, and related fields that advance the knowledge of land vehicle crash injury protection. The conference provides an opportunity to participate in free discussion regarding the causes and mechanisms of injury, experimental methods and tools for use in impact biomechanics research, and the development of new concepts for reducing injuries
and fatalities in automobile crashes.

For more information, including registration details, see the Stapp website.