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SAE World Congress

April 13, 2008

UMTRI researchers present at SAE World Congress

The SAE World Congress takes place this week at Cobo Center in Detroit. Several UMTRI researchers are presenting papers, chairing technical sessions, and attending meetings.

Mike Flannagan, research associate professor in UMTRI's Human Factors Division, is co-chairing the technical session "Human Factors in Driver Vision and Lighting."

Tim Gordon, head of UMTRI's Engineering Research Division — along with coauthors Jing Zhou, graduate student research assistant in U-M's Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Huei Peng, director of U-M's Automotive Engineering Program and professor of mechanical engineering — is presenting their paper "Characterization of the Lateral Control Performance by Human Drivers on Highways."

Q. Brad Liu, assistant research scientist in UMTRI's Engineering Research Division is presenting "Off-Terrain Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Based on Slip-Shifted On-Road Tire Handling Model: Principle and Implementation." The paper was coauthored by Youngwon Hahn, research fellow in the U-M Department of Mechanical Engineering; Gregory Hulbert, U-M professor of mechanical engineering; Zheng-Dong Ma, U-M associate research scientist in mechanical engineering; and Jonah Lee, professor of theoretical and experimental solid mechanics and finite element methods at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Brandon Schoettle, research associate in UMTRI's Human Factors Division, is presenting the paper "Market-Weighted Trends in the Design Attributes of Headlamps in the U.S.," which was coauthored by UMTRI Human Factors colleagues Michael Sivak, division head, and Naoko Takenobu, visiting research engineer.

Mark Sochor, assistant professor of emergency medicine in the U-M Health System and assistant research scientist in UMTRI's Biosciences Division, is presenting the paper "Traumautopsy: A Unique Crash Reconstruction Method for Determining Injury Patterns in Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes."