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International Conference on Aging, Mobility, and Quality of Life

May 8, 2012

M-CASTL is pleased to announce the Aging, Mobility, and Quality of Life Conference, planned for June 24-26, 2012, at the University of Michigan. M-CASTL is cosponsoring and organizing the international conference with Elsevier Publishing.

The event will focus on the particular requirements of older people for transportation and mobility that give them access to various activities and services that maintain their health and well being and enhance their quality of life.

The conference will bring together a diversity of experts, among them gerontologists, transport researchers and operators, psychologists, urban planners and policymakers, safety researchers, engineers working in vehicle design and assistive technologies, occupational therapists, and medical professionals. A diversity of topics will address mobility-related characteristics and activities of elderly people as well as technological and policy responses.

See conference registration.