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Inside China conference to focus on auto industry

April 11, 2010

Now in its third year, UMTRI's Inside China automotive conference will take place on Thursday, April 22 at the University of Michigan from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Michigan League Ballroom. The event is titled "Inside China: China's Current and Future Automotive Industry" and is part of the Focus on the Future conference series.

The conference will feature manufacturer and supplier executives who have worked in China and with the Chinese supply base, government, and domestic manufacturers. Participants will also receive an update on the fast-expanding Chinese auto market, the incentive programs the government has instituted, and the current labor issues facing all automotive companies doing business in China.

Speakers will provide insights into the current and future direction of the industry based on their academic and government research, consulting experience, and work within the industry. UMTRI assistant research scientist Bruce Belzowski will moderate the conference, which features the following confirmed speakers:

  • Ken DeWoskin, University of Michigan and Deloitte Consulting, will provide an update on issues related to the Chinese response to the government's twenty-five years of its auto policy, China's capability in developing battery electric vehicles, and the consolidation of the Chinese supply base.
  • Wu Zhixin, China Automotive Technology and Research Center, will discuss his center's recent research on the Chinese auto industry, which may include their work on auto standards and technical regulation, product certification testing, quality system certification, industry planning and policy research, and information services.
  • Zhu Hao, Shanghai Ministry of Transportation Planning, will discuss Shanghai's plans to manage increased automotive travel within the city and its newly designed suburbs. These include traffic management, suburban development, and urban transport.
  • Lu Zhang, Indiana University, will talk about her recent research comparing independent automakers to the state-owned and joint venture automakers on their human resources practices and management-labor relations.
  • Steven Syzdek, Stonebridge Asia-Pacific, will discuss his recent experience setting up his plant and R&D facility in China.
  • Felicia Chang, Global Wave Today, will discuss important market issues related to the evolving Chinese middle class, consumer vehicle segments, and city and real estate development as it relates to the auto industry.

To register for the Inside China conference, see Conference Registration. (Registration is free for UMTRI-AAD affiliates and U-M students, faculty, and staff.