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Helping parents keep teen drivers safe

June 20, 2011

Summer is a dangerous time for teen drivers, with nearly twice as many teens dying on America's roads each day compared to the rest of the year. But a new online program helps parents keep their teens safe as they gain experience driving without adult supervision.

The Checkpoints Program, presented by UMTRI and the Michigan Department of Community Health, is a free, interactive web resource ( that establishes rules in a personal written agreement that ensures parents that their teens are clear about where and when they can drive.

"Motor vehicle crashes kill more teens than any other cause," says research professor C. Raymond Bingham, head of UMTRI's Young Driver Behavior and Injury Prevention Group. "The main reason driving is more dangerous for teens is that they are young and not experienced at driving unsupervised. Becoming a safe driver takes years of experience."

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Photo courtesy of UMTRI Young Driver Behavior and Injury Prevention Group.