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Focus on the Future: Big data in the auto industry

September 9, 2013

UMTRI's sixth annual Focus on the Future automotive research conference series begins Wednesday, September 11, with a look at the importance of information technology (IT), specifically the role of big data, in the automotive industry. The Business of IT: Big Data in the Automotive Industry is the first of five conferences to be offered throughout the year.

This year's Business of IT conference includes representatives from Oracle Corporation, Tom Tom North America, U-M College of Engineering, and UMTRI, among others. Speakers will explore how the auto industry is using large, complex datasets, sometimes called big data, to aid in designing vehicles, communicating with consumers, managing warranty claims, analyzing crash data, or developing traffic data for global positioning system devices.

"Our presenters will show how the industry is improving through its ability to gather, manage, analyze, and apply large quantities of data to their processes," said UMTRI assistant research scientist Bruce Belzowski, who will moderate the conference. The conference will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the U-M Michigan League ballroom (second floor).

Key questions include the following: How are companies using large amounts of data to support their business? What can they do with big data strategies and technologies that they couldn't do in the past? What analytic tools do auto-related companies use to manage big data? What functions are more likely to implement big data strategies? How do mapping and traffic companies provide dynamic driving information to drivers around the world simultaneously? What new services will mapping and traffic companies provide in the near future?

The Business of IT conference is sponsored by the U-M Office of the Vice President of Research.

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