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Driving Assessment 2007

July 19, 2007

UMTRI researchers speak at Driving Assessment 2007

UMTRI was well represented at Driving Assessment 2007: The Fourth International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training, and Vehicle Design, which took place July 9-12 in Stevenson, Washington. The biennial symposium provides an interdisciplinary forum for scientific exchange between users of driving assessment tools, applications, and technology.

The following UMTRI research was described:

  • Mike Flannagan presented "Vision in Night Driving: The Roles of Rod and Cone Photoreceptors."
  • Paul Green presented the poster "Why Driving Performance Measures Are Sometimes Not Accurate (and Methods to Check Accuracy)."
  • Dave LeBlanc presented "Field Test Results of a Road Departure Crash Warning System: Driver Utilization and Safety Implications," which is coauthored by Jim Sayer, Chris Winkler, Scott Bogard, and Joel Devonshire.
  • Jim Sayer presented the poster "Field Test Results of a Road Departure Crash Warning System: Driver Acceptance, Perceived Utility, and Willingness to Purchase," which is coauthored by Dave LeBlanc, Mary Lynn Buonarosa, and Joel Devonshire, as well as the paper "Naturalistic Driving Performance During Secondary Tasks," which is coauthored by Joel Devonshire and Carol Flannagan.
  • John M. Sullivan presented the poster "Driver Performance and Workload Using a Night Vision System," which is coauthored by Jonas Bärgman, Go Adachi, and Brandon Schoettle.
  • Omer Tsimhoni presented "A Simple and Effective Display for Night Vision Systems," which is coauthored by Mike Flannagan, Mary Lynn Buonarosa, and Naoko Takenobu.

For more information, see the summaries of the papers and posters presented, or the conference website.