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Blower chosen as chair of Michigan Truck Safety Commission

October 2, 2014

UMTRI associate research scientist Daniel Blower was recently chosen as incoming chair of the Michigan Truck Safety Commission.

Blower was first appointed to the eleven-member commission by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder in 2011 and was recently reappointed to a second term, confirmed by the Michigan Senate. He was nominated and approved as incoming chair at the group’s September meeting and will begin his term as chair on November 9, 2014.

“It is a quite a personal honor to be nominated as chair of the Michigan Truck Safety Commission,” said Blower. “It is also a reflection of the stature that UMTRI commands and the high regard for the work that UMTRI has done for the State of Michigan, particularly with the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning.”

Blower is an associate research scientist in UMTRI's Vehicle Safety Analysis Group. He began at UMTRI over 25 years ago, working on the Trucks Involved in Fatal Accidents project. Medium and heavy trucks have been a primary research emphasis, but he has also directed projects on traffic safety issues related to light vehicles. Blower's current primary area of interest is traffic crash causation.

On the Michigan Truck Safety Commission, Blower represents Michigan's four-year colleges and universities. As chair, he will serve a two-year term, replacing outgoing chair Fred Bueter of the Michigan Secretary of State office.

The Michigan Truck Safety Commission is committed to enhancing truck and truck driver safety by providing truck driver education and training, heightening all drivers' awareness of the operational characteristics and limitations of trucks, initiating data collection and research, and supporting enforcement of motor carrier safety laws.