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Biosciences project selected to receive MCubed funding

December 4, 2012

A research project led by UMTRI research associate professor Matthew Reed is one of fifty winners in the first-round lottery of the University of Michigan (U-M) MCubed funding program.

Reed's project, "Measurement of Body Shape Change in Children," was selected to receive a $60,000 seed grant in phase one of the program. MCubed is a unique, new research-funding program at U-M to jump-start innovative, interdisciplinary work by letting professors themselves decide which projects to pursue.

To qualify for "cube funding," three researchers from at least two disciplines have to agree to work together on a new project. Reed's project will develop and apply new technologies to track changes in child body shape over time. Collaborators on the project are Carey and Julie Lumeng, both of the U-M Medical School.

The project builds upon UMTRI biosciences research in measuring and modeling three-dimensional body shapes, which has broad applicability in engineering and medicine.

To see all projects, visit the MCubed website.