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Statistical Modeling

Statisticians within UMTRI's Vehicle Safety Analytics, Behavioral Sciences, and the CMISST design statistical methods for the analysis of transportation-related data and provide consulting services covering a broad range of quantitative research. Some areas of specialty are listed below:

  • Poisson/negative binomial regression models for handling extra variability often encountered in observational studies
  • Statistical methods for rates Methods for handling missing exposure data
  • Development of Bayesian hierarchical models based on output from Markov chain
  • Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation Analysis of categorical and clustered categorical data typically found in transportation-related databases
  • Statistical modeling of accident data and travel-behavior survey data arising from complex sample surveys that include clustering, stratification, and weights

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Paul E. Green, (734) 764-0248

Dr. Lidia P. Kostyniuk, (734) 764-0213

Dr. Carol Flannagan, (734) 936-1102