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Instrumented Test Vehicle Fleet

UMTRI has nine 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5SE vehicles with extensive instrumentation onboard to support research on a wide array of topics. These vehicles were fabricated for the Road Departure Crash Warning FOT and remain as property of the UMTRI, available for researchers as part of a fleet pool. The vehicles are very flexible in use, and associated instrumentation and capabilities include:

  • Long-range 77 GHz radars (front or back)
  • Mid-range 24 GHz radars (any direction)
  • Cameras (any direction, internal or external)
  • In-cabin audio
  • GPS and map-matching capabilities to provide information about the position, motion, and roadway environment
  • Lane-tracking systems from AssistWare to provide lane position in real time
  • Vehicle motion sensors (speed, brake, turn signal, headlamp status, cruise control, ABS/TC, accelerometers, yaw rate, steering wheel, etc.)
  • Data collection system already built for the dataset described, with reliable and robust turn-key performance in all temperatures and environments, as demonstrated in five FOTs. The data system is very flexible and adapts to new sensors and data needs, as shown over dozens of projects at UMTRI.
  • Ability to collect thousands of hours of data, house the data within Microsoft SQL databases, and readily retrieve merged data/video within seconds. The FOT analysis tasks have led to the most advanced computer tools and applications of databases for vehicle-driver interaction in the world.

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