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Fabrication Facilities

UMTRI's Engineering Systems and Biosciences Groups have a substantial mechanical shop facility and an experienced staff of technicians who provide support ranging from automotive and commercial vehicle mechanics and maintenance through the fabrication of test equipment and specialized instrumentation.

The shop facility is composed of two large bays (3400 and 1900 sq. ft.), providing general space for work on vehicles and for fabrication of large equipment, plus several additional rooms housing machine shops and specialized test equipment. The shops are equipped with a full range of machine tools including four lathes, three milling machines, a large radial-arm drill, plus the usual complement of drill presses, band and cutoff saws, presses, sanders and grinders, sheet-metal tools, etc. Facilities also include a full complement of welding equipment capable of ferrous and nonferrous welding and brazing.

Technicians have constructed customized test fixtures for ergonomic, anthropometric, and impact biomechanics testing.  These include:

  • reconfigurable vehicle seat mockups with adjustable belt anchorages
  • sled bucks to simulate specific vehicle interiors
  • simulated heavy truck cab for ingress/egress study
  • drop tower to simulate vertical blast loading
  • dual sled to simulate side impact

The mechanical shop is staffed by exceptionally experienced and broadly capable individuals with over fifty combined years of employment with UMTRI.

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