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Economic indicators as predictors of the number and fuel economy of purchased new vehicles
This study examined the relationship between two economic indicators-the unemployment rate and the price of gasoline-and purchase decisions of new vehicle buyers. Two regression analyses were performed, one focusing on the number of vehicles purchased and the other one on their fuel economy. Both...
Photometric indicators of headlamp performance
The visibility of an object is largely determined by the relative contrast between the object and its background. Thus, it might be assumed that without consideration of environmental conditions surrounding a target illuminated by a headlamp, target visibility may not be accurately assessed. That...
Relationships between lighting and animal-vehicle collisions
In 1990, there were 106 traffic fatalities in the United States in crashes for which a collision with an animal was the first harmful event; by 2007 this level had risen to 223-a 110% increase. Analyses of annual trends suggest that this increase cannot be fully explained by increases in vehicle...
Relationships among driver age, vehicle cost, and fatal nighttime crashes
The ratio of crashes in darkness to those occurring in daylight has been used to assess the relative sensitivity of certain risk factors to ambient light level. When applied in a way that maintains control over exposure level, use of dark/light ratios can be helpful in identifying crash factors...
IBM Faculty Award: ITS Market Database Project
August 1, 2012 to July 30, 2013
Catalyzing the New Mobility in Cities: SMART
October 1, 2011 to September 29, 2012