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Visualizing travel patterns with a GPS dataset : how commuting routes influence non-work travel behavior

In: The Journal of urban technology. Vol. 20, no. 3 (2013), p. 105-125.

Authors: Xiaoguang Wang, Joe Grengs, Lidia Kostyniuk

This paper examines the spatial patterns of non-work activities for 34 drivers in the Southeast Michigan region. Capitalizing upon a unique global positioning systems (GPS) dataset and GIS visualization techniques, this study quantifies the spatial distributions of non-work activities for drivers with different commuting distances, and for non-work activities that are chained in different types of travel (commute travel vs. non-commute travel). We find a strong dependence of non-work activity locations on commuting distances, and an influence of commuting routes on non-work activities chained in all types of travel. The results underline the importance of commuting routes in shaping the spatial configuration of non-work activities.

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