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Traction modifications resulting from test-induced treadwear

In: Frictional Interaction of Tire and Pavement. Philadelphia, ASTM, 1983, p. 288-303

Authors: James E. Bernard, Leonard Segel, R. D. Ervin

Measurements have shown that the traction performance of pneumatic tires can be profoundly influenced by wear which accrues during the testing process. These findings indicate that changes can occur in the shear forces generated at both high and low slip angles as a consequence of testing at high angular slip. These performance changes are capable of significantly altering a vehicle's directional properties and thus suggest that data from tests involving high rates of test wear be interpreted with special caution. The paper reviews and expands upon the basic findings through presentation of data taken on laboratory and mobile tire traction dynamometers and from vehicle tests for both passenger car tires and truck tires.