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System performance guidelines for a prototype Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety System (IVBSS) heavy truck platform.

DTNH22-05-H-01232; UMTRI-2008-19

In: Sponsored by: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Office of Vehicle Safety Research

Authors: David LeBlanc, M. Nowak, Z. Tang, Dean Pomerleau, H. Sardar.

The purpose of the Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety System (IVBSS) project is to evaluate the potential safety benefits and driver acceptance of an integrated set of crash-warning technologies installed on both light-vehicle and heavy-truck platforms. The IVBSS is an integrated set of technologies that is intended to help the driver avoid crashes by providing crash alerts in potential crash-imminent situations and advisories to enhance the driver's awareness of the driving situation.This report proposes quantitative and measurable performance metrics that are considered achievable and appropriate for the IVBSS system on a heavy truck (Class 8). The guidelines build upon previous project reports that present functional requirements. This effort also borrows from previous specification efforts for stand-alone crash warning systems - especially prior U.S. DOT projects and ISO standards efforts. However the focus is on the integration of these functions. In some performance areas, integration allows improvements in potential safety benefits through enhanced system awareness. In other areas, integration presents a challenge, especially in ensuring driver acceptance because the broad scope of IVBSS means more potential sources of false or nuisance alerts.

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