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RESNA's position on wheelchairs used as seats in motor vehicles

In: Assistive Technology. Vol. 24, no. 2 (2012), p. 132-141.

Authors: Mary Ellen Buning, Gina Bertocci, Lawrence W. Schneider, Miriam Manary, Patricia Karg, Dalthea Brown, Sue Johnson.

This position paper is based on the premise that those who ride seated in wheelchairs are entitled to equivalent occupant safety when they are traveling in motor vehicles. The document summarizes research and best practice for safety and selection of crashworthy wheelchairs with the requisite features required by the WC19 safety standard when it is necessary for individuals to use a wheelchair as a seat in a motor vehicle. Recommendations are based on data from accident and injury databases, prior research and a synopsis of the design, testing, performance and labeling requirements of ANSI and ISO voluntary industry standards for wheelchair transportation safety. This paper is intended for an audience of consumers, rehabilitation and health care professionals, manufacturers of wheelchairs and wheelchair transportation equipment and those who make reimbursement and public policy decisions.

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