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Practical aspects of prototyping instrument clusters


In: Proceedings, Society of Automotive Engineers, International Congress and Exposition, 26-29 Feb 1996, Detroit, Mich.; DOI: 10.4271/960532

Authors: Paul A. Green, Alan Olson

This paper describes an ongoing effort to develop computer-simulated instrumentation for the UMTRI Driver Interface Research Simulator. The speedometer, tachometer, engine and fuel gauges, along with warning lights are back projected onto a screen in front of the driver. The image is generated by a Macintosh running LabVIEW. Simulated instrumentation (instead of a production cluster) was provided so that new display designs can be rapidly generated and tested. This paper addresses the requirements for prototyping software, the advantages and disadvantages of the packages available, and the UMTRI implementation of the software, and its incorporation into the driving simulator.