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Potential mechanisms underlying the decision to use a seat belt :  a literature review 



The purpose of this literature review was to serve as the background knowledgebase for a 5 - year cooperative agreement between NHTSA and the University of Michigan. This discretionary cooperative agreement i s intended to stud y promi sing lines of research that elucidate the mechanisms that underlie risk perception and can be applied to converting part - time belt users to full - time users. The overall goal of this cooperative a greement is to develop testable strategies, based on basic and applied research, for influencing risk perception to move motor vehicle occupants from part - time to full - time use o f seat belt s. Specific topics covered in this literature review are: individual belt user characteristics; social influences on bel t use; applications f rom research on other risky behaviors; policy/enforcement/incentive; communication and education; and technology. Conclusions are drawn within each section and for the review overall 

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