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A pilot study of three-dimensional equipped anthropometry

In: Proceedings, 19th Triennial Congress of the IEA, Melbourne (9-14 August 2015)

Authors: Monica L.H. Jones, K. Han Kim, Allan A. Keefe, Phillip S.E. Farrell, Linda M. Bossi

Accurate capture of equipped anthropometry is critical to ensure that the analysis and design of military platforms and workspaces account for the additional space required for clothing and PPE equipment. To examine the effect of personal protective equipment (PPE) on spatial claim, methods were developed to model the effects of body armor and PPE relative to body size and shape. The new methods describe contour shape profiles that characterize meaningful size and shape variation of the torso with the addition of clothing and PPE ensembles. A pilot study was conducted with 15 military men. Practitioner Summary: With these methods, detailed 3D clothed or equipped body shape data can be modeled. Data from a larger sample will be useful for improving the design and assessment of military vehicles and workspaces. Keywords: anthropometry, body scan data, personal protective equipment, accommodation, design applications

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