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Men and women drivers: a study of exposure, accidents, and injuries

In: American Association for Automotive Medicine. 19th Conference. Proceedings. AAAM, 1975, p. 350-364

Authors: K. Weber

The differences between the accident-involvement and injury patterns of men and women drivers are studied in relation to exposure differences. Data in current literature, Texas mass accident data, and data collected for a study of restraint system effectiveness are used. Factors considered include miles driven, day of week, time of day, type of road, driver age, accident severity, driver height, and restraint system usage. Findings indicate that men and women drive under very different circumstances, and that differences in accident rates and severity are more strongly related to exposure variables and to driver age than they are to sex. Injury differences between men and women are significant only at the minor injury level, while certain severe injuries seem to be related to driver height rather than to driver sex.