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Integrating 3D non-contact measurement in the die tryout business process


In: No. 053316; Sponsored by: Center for Automotive Research and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Authors: Patrick C. Hammett, Steve Geddes, Luiz Guzman.

Based on two surveys of manufacturers, this report summarizes several automotive body die tryout buyoff criteria, rework processes, and 3D non-contact measurement strategies. Relative to historical die tryout performance levels, a significant reduction in the number of iterations is clearly achievable through the following: Improved ability to create die compensation models to create new machine files to rework parts closer to nominal without significant unintended consequences. Changes to existing die and production source part approval processes to make better decisions about when rework is needed to produce a dimensionally acceptable body. Related to these improvements is the need for an effective business process integrating 3DNC measurement with new part approval processes to help manufacturers reduce the number of die rework iterations. A cowl top case study demonstrates the application of this process in effective use of 3DNC measurement to reduce the number of tryout iterations to only one rework loop.