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Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems (IVBSS) Third annual report.

UMTRI-2009-30; DOT HS 811 221

In: Performed by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under Cooperative Agreement

Authors: James R. Sayer, David J. LeBlanc, Scott E. Bogard, E. Nodine, Wassim Najm.

The Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems (IVBSS) program is a five-year, two-phase cooperative research program being conducted by an industry consortium led by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). The goal of the program is to assess the safety benefits and driver acceptance associated with a prototype integrated crash warning system designed to address rearend, roadway departure, and lane change/merge crashes for light vehicles and heavy commercial trucks. This report describes accomplishments and progress made during the third year of the program (June 2008 to May 2009) and activities planned for the following year. Accomplishments detailed in this report include making refinements to the integrated crash warning system, conduct of additional verification testing and extended pilot tests, the analysis of data, and the construction of the fleet of 26 research vehicles.

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