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Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems (IVBSS) light vehicle extended pilot test summary report


In: Sponsored by: U.S. Department of Transportation National, Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Authors: D. LeBlanc, M. L. Buonarosa, A. Blankespoor, J. Sayer.

This report describes the conduct and findings from an extended pilot test (EPT) for the Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems (IVBSS) program light vehicle platform. The crash warning functionalities developed in this program addresses several crash types, including rear-end, road departure, lane drift, lane change, merging, and curve-speed crashes. The EPT was conducted to demonstrate that the program is ready to launch the light-vehicle field operational test (FOT). The specific criteria for readiness are: 1) positive driver acceptance of the integrated system, 2) integrated system performance in naturalistic driving that is consistent with expectations, 3) reliable operation of the hardware and software onboard the test vehicles, and 4) operational processes that are practical and efficient for conducting the FOT and maintaining the necessary quality standards. The IVBSS light vehicle EPT has demonstrated that after minor revisions are made to the warning system and the experimental process, the program is ready for the full-scale FOT.

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