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Improving die rework capability opportunities for using 3D non-contact measurement technology to reduce die tryout iterations to resolve dimensional issues.


In: No. 053316.; Sponsored by: Center for Automotive Research and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Authors: Patrick C. Hammett, Steve Geddes, Luiz Guzman.

This report summarizes automotive body die tryout performance, based on a survey of and interviews with die manufacturing experts from automotive body manufacturers and die suppliers, The report explores opportunities for more effectively integrating new 3D noncontact optical measurement technologies during the die tryout process to improve performance. It provides basic guidelines for optical measurement data collection for stamping dies and resultant parts as well as analysis methods. For medium-complexity parts, the study participants estimate that a typical number of die tryout iterations is five to nine over a nine to 14 week period using typical North American tolerances and part acceptance criteria. The key enablers to reduce die tryout time were advancements in die forming and simulation software, particularly for complex materials, as well as advancements in virtual assembly tools.