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A field operational test of a roll stability advisor for heavy trucks

In: Proceedings, International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Weights and Dimensions, 8th, 14-18 March, 2004, Johannesburg, South Africa

Authors: Scott E. Bogard, Michael R. Hagan, J. L. Sullivan, C. B. Winkler

A field operational test was conducted to evaluate the potential of a roll advisor and control device for reducing the occurrence of rollover crashes of heavy commercial vehicles. The test platform was six, five-axle tractor-semitrailer combination vehicles operating over a twelve-month period in the Midwestern region of the United States. Data were gathered for approximately 770,000 kilometers of travel, split evenly between driving with and without the advisory system. Presented in this paper are: the structure and operation of the test; data content and gathering techniques; overall exposure results; and the main analysis methods used to evaluate the device.

The partners in the research included:
• University of Michigan Research Institute (UMTRI) -- an independent organization responsible for all aspects of the field operational test and data collection,
• Freightliner LLC -- a heavy vehicle manufacturer in the United States,
• Meritor WABCO -- a system supplier for commercial vehicle control,
• Praxair Corporation -- a supplier of atmospheric, process and specialty gases, and
• United States Department of Transportation Intelligent Vehicle Initiative program.

Research Group: