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Consumer preferences regarding product registration

This study explored the factors that influence the decision to register a product. A survey was developed to examine consumer preferences for various registration methods, the effects of various conditions on the likelihood of product registration, and the overall likelihood of registering eight different product types. The survey yielded completed responses from 522 adults in the U.S. The main findings are as follows: • Respondents generally register products, though always was the least frequent response. • While most respondents indicated an increased likelihood of registering safety-related products, warranty activation and the cost of a product both had greater influence on the likelihood of registering a new product. • Respondents were more likely to say they would register major appliances and electronic devices (usually expensive items with a warranty to activate) than infant and toddler products or automobile tires (both safety-related products). • Many respondents were concerned about unwanted communication from the company after registering a product, and most said they would be more likely to register if such unwanted communication was legally prohibited. • Automatic registration at the time of purchase was preferred most, followed by email, website, and post card registration. 

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