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A combined cornering and braking test for heavy duty truck tires

In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Weights and Dimensions. Ann Arbor, UMTRI, 1995, p. 583-592

Authors: M. G. Pottinger, G. A. Tapia, C. B. Winkler, W. Pelz

Under the auspices of the SAE Truck Tire Characteristics Task Force the background support for experimentally determining the combined cornering and braking properties of heavy duty truck tires has been developed. The purpose of the Recommended Practice will be to specify a standardized method for obtaining the combined cornering and braking data needed to represent tires in Vehicle Dynamics models.

This paper lays the proposed test procedure and background data before the technical community The paper contains: a brief synopsis of the proposed test procedure, example data from CALSPAN and UMTRI taken using the proposed test procedure, a comparison of the CALSPAN and UMTRI data, and a discussion of how the proposed test affects tire free-rolling cornering properties.