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Analysis of the potential benefits of larger trucks for U.S. businesses operating private fleets


In: Sponsored by: National Private Truck Council

Authors: John Woodrooffe, Bruce M. Belzowski, James Reece, Peter Sweatman.

This study examines the current operational and economic performance of a sample of companies that operate private fleets and establishes a present-day baseline of transport productivity and efficiency. It also estimates how transportation performance and environmental impact would likely change if the existing federal limitations were to be lifted, resulting in greater maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) limits and the use of long combination vehicles (LCVs). The study benchmarked the current transportation efficiency of a sample of companies operating private fleets identified in concert with National Private Truck Council (NPTC). The parameters that were used to define efficiency focused on over-the-road operating costs, cargo transported (both by mass and volume), and miles travelled. It includes measures of fuel use, emission output and truck trips required for the companies- annual transport tasks.